Sunday, May 2, 2010

Share the food n love!

Hello, cyberspace and welcome to DnA! I for one can say I am excited about this new journey that Dino and I have decided to embark on. We are going to fill you in on the best of the best, and the worst of the worst, to help you join in on the deliciousness that we have experienced while avoiding the disasters. In order to expand the restaurant locations discussed, while avoiding expanding our pant size, we are welcoming various field correspondents to share their dining experiences as well. Feel free to share your opinions with us and comment people! The more the merrier, there is always room at our dinner table for you =) One last note, while we will be primarily discussing food, we are also going to share the love. This will include the many adventures that we take, filling you in on the fun that we have, in hopes that you will share the love with someone you know! Till then, spread the love & go eat something.

As Dino said, stay tuned for our first official blog!

With extra love,


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